Website Notes

As mentioned on the Welcome page, the genesis of this website comes from the desire to learn a little HTML, and learn how to put up a basic website. Good for one's personal development, and good for one who sometimes looks at technology companies as possible investment candidates.

So, when putting up a website, the first thing one needs is a sample to work from. For that, I thank the good people over at whose free Frames Templates proved just the ticket.

Next, one needs an editor. I simply used Windows Notepad, as my desire was to be hands-on with the code for learning purposes. One could of course also use MS Word or another word processor, but I felt that was too complex for my needs. However, if doing something more fancy, or not wanting to be mano-a-mano with the code, then one should probably use a proper HTML editor. If I had gone this route, it probably would have been CoffeeCup, though there are some other decent ones out there.

And once you have created some pages, then you need a host. I chose, based on the recommendations of a friend, my own research that rated them highly, and the fact that they are amongst the cheapest.

And finaly, you need an FTP client program to use to transfer your files to your host. I chose FileZilla as it is free open source, and gets good reviews.

However.. A much easier way to get one's website up would be to hire this guy or these gals, sit back, and have a coffee.

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